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Tungsten Ring With Wood Inlay


Tungsten Ring with Wood Inlay

Are you currently in search for the best wedding ring for yourself or significant other? Or perhaps a ring for a gift or special occasions. Either way a tungsten ring with wood inlay is not only unique but beneficial for the wearer and here's why.

Style and durability

Tungsten rings are climbing on the popularity scale and for good reason. They are comfortable and usually come in various designs. Unlike plain gold or silver plated rings tungsten rings can vary in color with a hint of wooden, black or white designs or bands within the metal itself! Wooden inlays make tungsten rings stand out with the two elements combining. This usually gives tungsten made rings more options for the customer to choose from. Most people get rings because of how they look, but forget about how long they will last. A huge benefit from a Tungsten ring is that you can get the same beauty of a gold or silver ring with more durability. Tungsten is very good with abrasions that occur since it is so durable. High speed steel is arguably the strongest metals on earth and it is composed of 18% of Tungsten.


Not only does style and durability come into play when buying ring. Affordability is also a huge factor for any purchase a person makes. Tungsten rings although very beautiful are usually less money than pure gold or diamond rings. It does cow down to preference usually for a ring purchase but if you're on a budget and still want a high quality ring tungsten rings are the way to go. Why pay an arm and a leg for delicate ring that could easily break when you can have a stylish ring that will last you much longer. In the end you are not only saving money with your purchase but in the long run as well whereas you won't have to replace or repair your ring as quickly with the rare metal tungsten.